Theme Of The Mother And Daughter Relationship In The Joy Luck Club

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Throughout The Joy Luck Club, one major theme that kept appearing was a mother-daughter relationship. The relationship between every daughter and their mother was different, but all of the joy luck club members wanted their daughter to succeed. Each mother cared for their daughter exceptionally so and even portrayed wanting their daughter to have it much better than they ever did. For example, Lindo Jong and her daughter, Waverly Jong, had an interesting relationship. Lindo always wanted Waverly to strive in her childhood talent, chess. Waverly slowly built up anger towards her mother as she would always try recommending strategies to use and ways to attack during competition as well as treat Waverly as a trophy for her achievements. In…show more content…
This points further to the conclusion that she didn’t put her children first just as the Joy Luck Club mothers did. In connection to the caring nature that was emphasized throughout the novel, it is easy to compare it to my relationship with my mother. Similar to Lindo, my mother is proud of me and shows that to the people around her. Although Waverly was ashamed of it in the novel, I am grateful that mother speaks so highly of me. In the novel, June's feelings about wanting to live up to her mothers expectation were really strong. I feel the same way in wanting to show my mom that I can go above and beyond what she expects from me. In conclusion, this theme was displayed in every aspect of the novel and is easy to share experiences with, but can even be shown in the worst ways of a relationship between a daughter and a mother, just as the article brought to light. Word Count: 576 Maria Tobar Response Two Theme // Mother Daughter Relationship Every mother always wants to see their child pursue greater things in life and have it easier than what they persevered through. In The Joy Luck Club, each generation of a mother and daughter portrayed a strong bond displaying every quality a great mother would have. Suyuan Woo is a great example of how each mother in The Joy Luck
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