Theme Of The Movie Crash

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Merwa Sharhan


In the film Crash (2004), the director’s use of internal conflict reveals that the main idea of the film, which is that some people stereotype others based on their skin color or countries of origin without knowing them, which is dangerous because it can lead to violence and unrest. Haggis, the director, uses the film to suggest that people should not judge anyone just because of their skin color or countries because it may cause people to hate each other.

In the beginning of the film we see how assumptions and stereotypes sting and cross boundaries in the lives of everyday citizens, as with the story of Farhad. For example, there is a scene “Play the gehan in your own time,what you want?,i'm i making a
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Another example is from the scene when” he said he fix the lock come see how fix it is ,i'm not yaling i'm apsat ,i want his name give me his name “. In this scene it shows how the man was threatening to the blame on the man who is fixing the locks and he is saying that it is him without even having any evidence that it is him. Clearly, the actions that the people have on the other different people are wrong and they are making assumptions about people when they do not even know anything about them, which leads to have a wrong ideas about others and it leads to violence.

Continually the director uses the subplots- the stories within the story-to show the hierarchy of oppression and privilege in America to show how people think of others in a particular way in which they take people’s dignity. The way people treat and look to others is really off and they go with their thoughts to really far places and they imagine things that may not happen, in which they oppress another person.another scene “-come on man keep driving i said i'm not laughing at you ...fine you want me to show you i will show you ,do you want to see what's in my hands i will show you” In the scene, it shows how the cop mistreats the boy just because he is black. This scene is related to the message because the cop kills a person who did not do anything to him, he just thinks that he has gun but he is not sure about it, then
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