Theme Of Vittorio De Sica

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Vittorio De Sica is considered one of the most important directors during the time of the Italian Neorealism movement which occurred after the fall of fascism in Italy. Neorealism revolves around realistic filmmaking. Rather than produce glossy films to heal the heartbreak in this post war country, De Sica and several other directors focused on the working class and how fatal the blow of fascism was. It was an artistic response to an abundance of commercial entertainment films spewing from Hollywood. Although it was beautiful it was much more than a piece of art, it was revolutionary. These films offered not the escape that many Italians desired at the time but instead held a mirror up to the general public. It showed that if the public cares about one family's story on screen every family's story matters, a crucial point to make after years of a dictatorship that told them the opposite. The most predominant themes that are portrayed in De Sica’s work are poverty, economic turndown and choices. He displays these uniquely through mise-en-scene, dialogue, cinematography and attitude. The…show more content…
He must have a bike, unfortunately we learn that previously he was forced to pawn his bike off for food. Antonio’s wife Maria acts quickly and sells their bed linens. This is crucial as it shows the viewer that the most valuable belonging they own is sheets. Many Italian citizens would have related to this greatly. De Sica also shows others standing in the que to sell items in return for money, their faces grave with desperation the cinematography in this scene reminds the viewer that it is not just the protagonist going through this tough time, its everybody. This highlights the neorealism style by not singling out one character and focusing on the working class. In many scenes in the film there are a mass amount of people either walking by or noticeable in the background and foreground of the
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