Theme Of Women In The Crucible

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Arthur Miller wrote the play, The Crucible, in the 1950s but was looking back at the Puritan Era back in the 1600s. In the Crucible, historical events of the Salem Witchcraft Trials are portrayed through a crowd of people who can’t be forgotten.Fear were driving these Puritans to show their true emotions and feelings while being face to face with their accusers in the bias courts before remorseless judges. Eventually all Salem’s people inevitably become subject to this hysteria, but 2 women stand out above all the rest. Shame and revenge lingers in the heart of teenager, Abby Williams, while righteousness and truth come together in the soul of Elizabeth Proctor, faithful wife of John Proctor. Although they greatly increase suspension and tension in the play, Abby and Elizabeths differences lead to turmoil due to their desire for the love of one man. In the beginning of the story, when Abby first accused people of witchcraft, everyone believed her and also accused others. Abby’s accusations of devil worshipping commanded the court’s attention right away. The simplest and weirdest things like as to stare at a farm animal such as a cow or pig, or dropping something as you walk past the animal, or sneezed during church, could be thought of or seen as a sense of witchcraft. The puritans feared the defiance of god the most out of anything, which made the religion of puritan society a major role in this play. So everything that dealt with sin was taken into seriously concern .
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