Theme Of Women's Stockings In Death Of A Salesman

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Women’s stockings is the motif in the play. What is the significance of the women's stockings in the play? In the ‘Death of a Salesman’ the significance of the women's stockings is presented as a motif throughout the play. This is a vital part as the reader is discovering that Willy, the “well known” salesman had an affair. Even though Willy has a supportive and loving wife, he still goes out and seeks pleasure from another woman due to his loneliness “I get so lonely”. Throughout the play the stockings themselves are presented many times. The significance of the stockings shows how commitment is presented between Willy and Linda as the motif that their relationship is clearly falling apart due to the affair. Linda is not aware of the…show more content…
Back to the flashback Willy gets in act one where the other woman says “.. thanks for the stockings. I love a lot of stockings,” The importance of the stocking once again grows, as we figure out why Willy cannot stand Linda mending stockings with him around and why they make him angry “I won’t have you mending stockings in this house! Now throw them out!”. With the remembrance whenever Willy sees his wife with those stockings the urgency of guilt comes passing through him “I’ll make it up to you Linda” proving that even though he is guilty he knows he has made an utter mistake of betray Linda. Telling us that he willing to change what he has done even though Willy Loman is a man who cannot be changed. Irony is portrayed throughout the motif of the women's stockings in the ‘Death of a Salesman’. Willy “cause i get so lonely” this is ironic as he is lonely but every time his wife Linda would want to talk he would say “I’m tired” with that said Linda would not continue any further, mainly because she had no choice, her husband did not want to talk any further, therefore making her comply with his wishes. As the only duties Linda ever had was to take care of her family and the house, but when her family did not want to talk she had nothing else to do, but think of how to make situations better, due to her son’s being “lost” and her husband out on business she accumulated a lot of time to build up an “infinite

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