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Theme Park Investigation for TRC, Inc.

Prepared by Jeorge Vega
Director of Vega Consulting Group

Report Distributed May 7, 2010

Prepared for
TRC, Inc.

This report examines the current state of the theme park industry and how TRC, Inc. can expand into the state of Florida. Florida already has theme parks that range from Disney World to Busch Gardens, zoos and aquariums. Vega Consulting group will analyze and investigate future possibilities for TRC, Inc.
Theme parks and amusement parks are places people to go to have fun, relax and enjoy themselves. An amusement park is more elaborate than a simple city park or playground, usually providing attractions meant to cater to children, teenagers, and adults. A
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The most well known of the parks in London, was Vauxhall Gardens founded in 1661 and closed in 1859. These parks consisted of booths, entertainment, fireworks displays and some rides such as introduction to the modern railroad. The parks grew to accommodate the expectations of their customers. Rides became a required part of the pleasure garden and by 1896, there were 65 such pleasure parks in London.
In 1895 Sea Lion Park in Coney Island, Brooklyn opened its doors. It was the first permanent amusement park in North America. This park was one of the first to charge admission to get into the park in addition to sell tickets for rides within the park. In 1897, Sea Lion Park was joined by Steeplechase Park, the first of three major amusement parks that would open in the Coney Island area, the combination of the nearby population center of New York City and the ease of access to the area made Coney Island the embodiment of the American amusement park. Theme parks are considered a modern amusement park.
Current State of Theme Park Industry
The biggest name in the theme park industry without a doubt is Disney. With two locations in the United States, one in Anaheim, California and one in Orlando, Florida. Disneyland and Disney World take theme parks to a completely new level. Their theme parks tell a story everywhere you go. Outside the state of Florida another big name in

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