Theme Summary : ' Abolition Of Slavery '

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Theme: Abolition of Slavery Image: Photograph Depicting Boy Tied to Post The image viewed and analyzed for the purposes of this assignment is representative of an excellent piece that contributes to the abolishing slavery theme. The picture portrays a young man who can’t be much older than eighteen years in age shackled to some type of pole or post. The young man is of African-American descent and he appears to be dressed in some sort of prison garments. His pants are dingy and faded with a pattern of black and white horizontal stripes on them. The shirt he is wearing has the same pattern only it is harder to make out due to it being much more faded and dirty. The post or pole the young man is chained to sits about fifteen to twenty yards in front of what looks like two cabins. The cabins resemble prison internment camps. There is another African-American man that appears sitting in the entryway of the cabin on the left. Interestingly, he seems to be unfazed by what is happening a short distance in front of him. This is also something that is worth noting regarding the chained individual in the picture. He too seems to be unbothered by what he is being forced to do to the point to where he appears to have fallen asleep. The latter point called into focus above is significant because it demonstrates just how different America was back then for slaves and whites. The sheer commonality of the injustice often imposed on the African-American population almost certainly had to
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