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Theme Writing

When I look at the first paper that I did for this class, I can see that what I wrote was theme writing. As a matter of fact I think this is an example that could be used to show people what it is that they shouldn't do when trying to move away from theme writing. I have used all the elements that I was taught in high school, and I can't seem to get rid of them. When I look at this paper I see a loose intro as to what it is that I would like to accomplish, I see four to five paragraphs of information, and a conclusion. I think that when I wrote this, I did it automatically, and with out any further thought. All the other writing that I have had to do thus far has called for theme writing, and I have had a very hard time
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I think that in my writing, I'm a person that isn't put together all that well. As a matter of fact, I have to sit back some times and wonder what the hell I was thinking of when I wrote a certain passage. I don't think my writing is very organized, and I don't think my writing is worth reading. In the past, I was able to write very well, but I really hadn't written anything since high school, and I think I lost the touch that I once had. One of the many problems that I have noticed in my writing is that I write way to fast. I don't think I let things fully develop in my mind before I commit them to paper. Sometimes I think my writing sounds like a deranged lunatic, and I often feel this way while writing. It's like I know what I want to say, but I just can't seem to find the right words to express who I feel.

Another way to describe my writing is that there seems to be an on going struggle between me the person, and me the writer. The feelings that I have here are the same as the above feelings, and I have to say it gets old after awhile. I would like to be able to sit down and write something that was good, and worth reading for once. Sometimes I think I'm wasting my time, and the readers time, because I just can't get the things I want to say out, but I guess that is all a part of the learning process. There have been many times, when I have felt like crying because I get so frustrated. I would like to write well again, it has
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