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Mr. Judd Name__________________ CH. 14 America and World War II Study Guide It was the bloodiest, deadliest war the world had ever seen. More than 38 million people died, many of them innocent civilians. It also was the most destructive war in history. Fighting raged in many parts of the world. More than 50 nations took part in the war, which changed the world forever. For Americans, World War II had a clear-cut purpose. People knew why they were fighting: to defeat tyranny. Most of Europe had been conquered by Nazi Germany, which was under the iron grip of dictator Adolf Hitler. The war in Europe began with Germany's invasion of Poland in 1939. Wherever the Nazis went, they waged a campaign of terror, mainly against Jews, but…show more content…
507 Pg. 507 * Celebrities help raise funds (war bonds) * * Pg. 504 & 06 Pg. 504 & 06 * In 1940, Congress approved plans for the first peacetime draft in American History called the Selective Service and Training Act * * Pg. 490-93 Pg. 490-93 World War II Propaganda Guns were the principal weapon of World War II , but there were other more subtle weapons that the U.S. government used. This included propaganda messages in posters, radio, and film. Propaganda is a message put out by a government or organization to promote a policy, idea, or cause. During World War II , the U.S. government wanted the public to wholeheartedly support the war efforts. They also wanted to maintain a good public morale and a public commitment for the war. Persuading the American public became a wartime industry. The government launched an aggressive propaganda campaign to galvanize public support for the war or to encourage particular actions. The basic message was simpl e—we’re on the side of good, the enemy is the side of evil. These images and messages were designed to tug at human emotions. These types of messages included: • Warnings of what could happen if America lost the war. Many of these messages were intended to scare people. They tried to motivate through fear to make sure Americans felt strongly about what the country was fighting for. • Pleas for
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