Theme of Horror in the Sleepy Hollow Essay

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Theme of Horror in the Sleepy Hollow The film Sleepy Hollow is a fantasy/gothic horror film; the rating 15 tells us it probably has some gore in it. As we watch the film, some parts could also be described as thriller. The director Tim Burton is known for his love of Hammer horror films and before starting work on this film he encouraged his team to watch Hammer horror films like "Black Sunday" and "The Fearless Vampire Killers", as this was the effect he wanted to put across in Sleepy Hollow. The film focuses on images or darkness, conflict, references to torture, isolation, ghosts, violence and a sense of questioning. As far as main characters go, Burton chose an all-star cast of actors…show more content…
The horror in the film is presented through camera shots and angles, sound, lighting and editing. Fairy-tale like images throughout the film are improved by Emmanuel Lubezki's style of lighting from the set design to the costume's worn. As most of the shots are outdoor, mist was often needed; an almost black and white feel was needed, very monochromatic. The score for the film is by Danny Elfman. Danny has built up a reputation for producing scores for films of a horror genre. Sleepy Hollow, as a film, and its soundtrack are often compared to Edward Scissorhands, but Sleepy Hollow has added an element of violence and is described as a pure horror film. For the volume and intensity needed for the music Elfman got 2 full London choirs involved. The music is very significant and to achieve the haunting sounds needed Elfman mixes both the adults and children's' choirs together. In this creepy story, Sleepy Hollow, Ichabod Crane is sent from New York on an investigation of mysterious deaths, in which all the bodies were found headless. Crane soon realises whom everyone suspects, the Headless Horseman; the ghost of the Hessian. The film was produced in a studio and digitally re-constructed, being shot like this gives the film a sense of unreality which adds to the theme of horror and fantasy, "like a nightmare world".
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