Theme of Life After Death in the Management of Grief, the Story of an Hour, and the Jewlery

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Life After the Death of a Loved-One Death, although it is a part of life, can be very hard on those whom were close to the deceased person. Life provides one with the abundance of love, happiness, and freedom, but death can take all of that away in an instant. It is especially hard on close loved ones because, sometimes, there is an irreconcilable amount of grief. With the loved one gone, life takes on some drastic changes, and requires the to survivor start new routines without the support and companionship of the beloved. “The Story of an Hour,” “The Management of Grief,” and “The Jewelry” deal with the theme of life after the death of a loved-one. In “the Story of an Hour,” a woman learns of the alleged death …show more content…
When the woman goes to the park one day, she experiences an epiphany. The story says:
Then as I stood in the path looking north to Queen’s Park and west to the university, I heard the voices of my family one last time. Your time has come, they said, Go, be brave. I do not know where this voyage I have begun will end. I do not know which direction I will take. I dropped the package on a park bench and started walking (Mukherjee 406).
Like “The Story of an Hour,” this story does not go into how the woman’s life would have been lived. However, the woman in “The Management of Grief” is not happy about the death of her husband and sons, so obviously, she would have to deal with the grief that comes with the death of a loved-one. Whether or not the woman found her way in life is not known, but presumably, she moved on and started a new life.
In “The Jewelry,” a man loses his wife to pneumonia. Before he lost her, their life was great and they were quite content. He never found out how they lived so contently until after his wife’s death. As he looks through his wife’s fake jewelry he makes a startling discovery that the jewelry was real. Apparently she had many suitors that gave her gifts of jewelry and money while she went out with her friends. He decides to sell the jewelry for a small fortune, which he proceeds to live off of. Even though the loss of

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