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African American History English 313-01 March 27, 2013 The Theme of Love The theme of love was developed in three African American Literature works; “Sweat” by Zora Hurston, “Long Black Song” by Richard Wright, and “when you have forgotten Sunday: the love story” by Gwendolyn Brooks ; each author allowing their main character to express doubtable love with their significant other. In “Sweat”, Hurston gives vivid detail of couple’s unhappy and abusive relationship ultimately causing one character to lose his life from a scarce. Hurston describes the couple’s relationship in the text; “Delia and Sykes fought all the time now with no peaceful…show more content…
Delia’s strong spirituality lead her to a better outcome of being relieved from the one thing that some may say was not good for her. In “Long Black Song”, Wright gives detail of a couple who had to deal with cheating, murder, and through it all love, when his main character Silas kills a man. Sarah was clearly still in love with her “ex” but the story demonstrates how people can have little control over there emotion and eventually give into a situation. A white man who is seen as an authoritative figure to Sarah; someone who is considered better than her, he comes to possibly rape Sarah. She may have possibly felt that she was expected to do whatever he wanted; she probably felt some kind of obligation to him and could not say no. Although, some may say loneliness may have played factor in her infidelity as the text states,” loneliness ached her” (1420). One could also imply when discussing love that Sarah loved her baby for that Sarah carried the baby everywhere she went. Later in the story when he learns of the white man’s visit, it takes only a moment for Silas to snap and all joy and dreams for the future to fade away. He feels betrayed in all capacity by his wife. Silas gets into a fight with the white and kills him. Sarah knew of Silas’ doing and some may think that she stand with him even after his killings. In “when you have forgotten Sunday: the love story”, Brooks depicts a tale of

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