Theme of Reality vs. Appearances in “the Necklace”

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Theme of Reality vs. Appearances in “The Necklace” Henri Rene Albert Guy de Maupassant was born on August 5, 1850 in the chateau de Miromesnil near Dieppe, Normandy. He lived in Fecamp, France until age twelve (when his parents separated) then moved with his mother to a villa in Etretat, France. Home-schooled, except for a brief stay at a boarding school when he was thirteen, Maupassant ran free for most of his school years. Maupassant attended university in Paris, where he began to study law, and then served in the army in the Franco-Prussian war. Guy de Maupassant’s stories were realistic portrayals of everyday life, based on what he knew best: peasants, the war of 1870, and the lives of government employees and of Parisian high…show more content…
As they were getting ready to leave Monsieur Loisel put the wrap he brought, which was “a modest garment of ordinary quality,” over her shoulders as she watched all the other women putting on costly furs and wants to get out of there as quick as she can before they see her (de Maupassant 416, “Guy de Maupassant” 5). When they get home, Mme. Loisel discovers the necklace missing from her neck. They searched the folds of her dress and everything they had brought home with them. When they did not find it in the house M. Loisel, who had to be up in a few hours, went out to search for it. When it cannot be found, they decide that they are going to have to replace the necklace if it does not show up. Either, until they can find the replacement or the original shows, M. Loisel suggests that Mme. Loisel write to her friend and tell her the clasp on the necklace was being repaired. They went from jeweler to jeweler until they finally found a necklace, like the one that was missing, in a shop Palais Royal and they could have it for thirty-six thousand francs. The necklace put them in debt for ten years. (de Maupassant 417). During that time, Mme. Loisel gets a taste of the poverty she thought she was in (in reality she just has to do her own chores). She, in the process, ages very rapidly to the point of being unrecognizable when she runs into her friend Mme. Forestier. This is one of the consequences that fate throws at a person when one tries to appear

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