Theme of Resurrection in A Tale of Two Cities Essay

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Resurrection is a common theme for stories. In order for someone or something to be resurrected, it must first be created and then dilapidated. The focus in A Tale of Two Cities is on the dilapidated and resurrection portion of this pattern. There are a myriad of examples in this novel of resurrection. Specific people, groups of people, and even France are all examples of resurrection in A Tale of Two Cities. The theme of resurrection applies to Sydney Carton and Dr. Manette in A Tale of Two Cities written by Charles Dickens. Both Dr. Manette’s and Sydney Carton’s needs for resurrection manifest themselves at the beginning of A Tale of Two Cities. Dr. Manette had been in the Bastille for 18 years, and he is still living like he is in…show more content…
This suggests that Carton has a bottle to drink every night. Sydney Carton’s proclivity for intoxication practically screams at the reader that this character is unstable and unhappy with his position in life. Sydney Carton has nothing to live for. Both Carton and Manette’s lives were in a state of ruin until Lucie Manette is introduced to them. It is at this point that both men’s lives being their upward climb. In the Second Book of A Tale of Two Cities the theme of resurrection starts to become apparent through the characters Sydney Carton and Dr. Manette. Dr. Manette has improved enormously since the last book. A man once described as “haggard” (XX) is now being described as “handsome” and “not past the prime of his life.” (XX) This is significant to the theme of resurrection because it shows just how different the doctor is now from just a couple years back, before he was reunited with Lucie. However, Manette is still not fully resurrected. He does occasionally relapse into his shoemaking days. He just makes shoes and has no idea at the time that he does this. Later on in Book Two, it can be surmised from reading the dialogue between Mr. Lorry and Dr. Manette that he has become aware of his own relapses. When Dr. Manette says, “you have no idea how such an apprehension [relapses into shoemaking] weigh upon a sufferer’s mind” he is saying that he knows of his own relapses, they are hard on him. Sydney Carton, after meeting Lucie, is also being
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