Themes And Imagery In Sylvia Plath's 'Parenthood'

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“Parenthood”. Such a powerful word that can have multiple meanings for different people. There can be positive and negative experiences parents go through, especially for new parents. Poetry can illustrate these parental experiences. Parents help guide their children as they mature with age to provide moral guidance, set limits, and provide consequences for unacceptable behavior. Parents are responsible for teaching their child independence, solve problems, and help their child believe deeply in their own abilities. They can accomplish this by being a positive role model, creating a stable and nurturing environment, and engaging in their child’s life. Poems can create a picture of parenthood through the speaker and imagery. The speaker is the voice we hear while we read the poem which can express ideas and feelings; however, the speaker’s feelings and ideas can be different than those of the author (Mays 483). The setting of the poem is the situation that is occurring in the poem (Mays 501). Poems can use specific words to help create imagery to help the reader visualize the situation that is occurring. Poems regarding parenthood use setting and imagery to illuminate the joys and hardships mothers and fathers go through. The speaker in Syliva Plath’s poem “The Mother” uses imagery to describe the hardships and joyous events the female speaker experiences after the birth of her child. The speaker is the mother because in the last few lines of the poem she states, “one cry,
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