Themes And Themes Of The Film ' Zootopia '

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Traditionally, animated films have been made for and consumed by children, with the plotlines and themes being relatively basic and forthright. However, recent years have seen the release of animated films that explore significantly more adult themes and thought provoking ideas. Perhaps the most confronting example of adult themes in an animated film is in 2016’s ‘Zootopia’. The film forces viewers to think about concepts such as racial segregation, nature vs. nurture and the debilitating effect of stereotyping. Although Zootopia features anthropomorphic animals, it is easy to draw a connection between the film’s prey vs. predator narrative and racial divide in our own society.
In essence, this paper will outline two significant themes related to crime and the effect of media explored in the film. Most notably, the nature of crime and criminality is explored thoroughly. Specifically, the effect limited opportunities and racial stereotyping can have on promoting an individual down a path of crime. Particular attention will be given to a scene in which a youthful fox wishes to join a prey-dominant Boy Scout troop, only to be rejected and humiliated because he is a predator. Furthermore, the concept of a moral panic caused by media news reporting is displayed excellently in a montage scene in which prey are scared of predators as the media reports that aggression and criminality is in their nature. Finally, I will critique how these issues are communicated in a neo-noir

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