Themes And Trends That Happened During The Modern Era

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1. The themes and trends that happened during the “modern” era include punishment, humans with their development and religion. The first one is from Nietzsche. He wrote about German punishment. It includes: stoning, breaking on the wheel, casting stakes, having torn or trampled by horses, boiling the criminal in oil or wine, popular fraying and cutting flesh from the breast. He labels the victim and criminal as the creditor and debtor. When humanity was not yet ashamed of cruelty, life on earth was more lighthearted. Perhaps, pain back then didn’t hurt as much as today (Nietzsche’s time). Therefore, cruelty wasn’t a big deal for the spectator during Nietzsche’s time. He lists several definitions of punishment. Punishment defined, as prevention of further injury. Punishment defined as payment to the injured party for the injury. Punishment defined as to prevent a further spreading of the disturbance. Finally, punishment defined as instilling fear of those who determine and execute the punishment. The second one comes from Rousseau. Much of his description comes from the qualities that humans already possess. Advancements of medicine and metaphysics are also written in this article. In an animal, Rousseau sees it as a machine to renew its strength and protect itself. Therefore, animals just are here to have some sort of strength and possess protection for itself. Rousseau basically sees the external parts of an animal. Rousseau explains of how human developed by planting in…
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