Themes Evident in Sylvia Plath Poems

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Themes evident in Sylvia Plath’s poetry Sylvia Plath displays many themes in her work; however she has the tendency to conceal and dig her themes, metaphors, and symbols deep in her poetic words, which leaves us readers left to decipher them. Plath is a poet that conveys quite compelling emotions through her work and is both prodigious and petrifying while still gloomy and relieving. Though there are many themes to revisit, the more significant ones evident in her writing will be explored. Mortality, journey, depression, and hope are the key themes that strike the heart of Plath’s poetry and will be further analyzed. Poems such as Blackberrying, Crossing the Water, Departure, Suicide off egg Rock, and Mystic, display a very strong…show more content…
Also she uses the word “lillies” which are internationally known for the flowers of death. Plath then talks about a “Pale hand” in the third stanza which visually represents a hand of a person who has died or of a corpse. She then strikes the audience in the second last line of the poem where she writes “Are you not blinded by such expressionless sirens?” Death does not have an expression, and the expressionless sirens were overwhelming her, which blinded her to everything around her. In the poem, Suicide off Egg Rock, the theme of suicide is once again revisited; however in a very different manner. In this poem, suicide is viewed almost as an achievement, and a release from the world’s flaws. Death is viewed as a positive thing and that it is desirable. This is suggested through the details of life that she writes about such as the reference to “orchreous salt flats” and “landscapes of imperfections.” This leads us to believe that the world that she viewed was a hell and the only way out was through death. In the poem Mystic, Plath is clearly pointing out the mysteries that are all around us, in the air we breathe, and in the flies that we “unbearably” sting us, and in the personal memories we hold. It is very ironic that she wrote this poem ten days before her death because the poem is a rather soothing piece and Plath almost seems as though she is at ease with the world around her. The poem writes about the sensation of joey, or perfection of having
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