Themes In Como Agua Para Chocolate

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Throughout their lives, Tita and Harrison struggles of enforced asymmetrical power and are often enforced by threats and abuse in different situations. Tita’s mother, Mama Elena penitentiaries her love life due to strict family traditions that the youngest daughter is to be unmarried which Tita must sacrifice her entire life for Mama Elena’s wellbeing until she dies. Mama Elena is extremely stern for this nonsense tradition of the De La Garza family to continue the tradition so that the society doesn’t gossip about them. Tita’s mother oppresses her with violence by brutally beating her up and threatens her. Though, Rosaura, her sister and her love one, Pedro is having a wedding. Tita was making wedding cake for Rosaura and Pedro’s wedding day. She spent all her time to make the cake to be perfect and delicious. However, the cake poisoned the guest and Tita couldn't understand how that happened.…show more content…
“The night of the wedding reception she had gotten a tremendous hiding from Mama Elena, like no beating before or since…What motivated such a monstrous punishment was Mama Elena’s conviction that Tita has deliberately ruined Rosaura's wedding by mixing an emetic into the cake.” Mama Elena beated her brutally up and she does not trust or respect
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