Themes In Cry, The Beloved Country By Alan Paton

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Alan Paton in the book, Cry, the Beloved Country, is creating an outcry for people to feel sorry due to the fear and injustices the natives and the whites of South Africa are facing. Fear and injustices have gripped the hearts of the black and the white population in South Africa, a country that was engulfed, at the time, by the lurking violence and turmoil. The title asks for the people to cry for the children, who will have to be brought up in a country that was full of sins and evil. Moreover, the elders are also in tears to watch the country, which they loved so much turn into violence and fear, besides, callings for those who are doing wrong to stop it. No one wanted to see their beloved country consumed by evil. Alan Paton, the writer of the book, first introduces the country, South Africa as the central aspect, because a lot is being talked about it regarding how well it is endowed with beauty and natural resources. The nation is also blessed with fertile farms, which are rendered unproductive. The reason behind the unproductive nation is because the majority of people are leaving the rural areas to go to the city for greener pastures. The story revolves around a distinctive character by the name Stephen Kumalo, who happens to know the configuration of young people flocking to the city of Johannesburg after leaving their remote areas. The elderly, Christian priest who lives in Ixopo, a village in the rural South African region of Ndotsheni, has also been affected
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