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Yeh hai mohobattein, an Indian soap oper based in a novel, " Custody" by Manju Kapoor. This opera showcases divorce, infertility, remarriage, mature love and deals with societal issues.

It follows the story of Raman Bhalla and Ishita Iyer, who are connected by their common love for Raman Bhalla's daughter Ruhi. Ishita Iyer is a Tamilian whereas Raman Bhalla is a hot blooded Punjabi. They live in an apartment building as neighbours. She is a dentist and he is a business man.

Raman is a single parent raising his daughter Ruhi with the help from his family, while engaged in a bitter custody battle with his ex-wife Shagun. Ishita, who has fertility issues forms a strong bond with Raman's daughter with Shagun, Ruhi, who she often finds neglected
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Living with Raman and the Bhalla family, however forces Ishita to change her opinion of him. Instead of arrogant and hot headed brute, sees a man deeply scared by his previous marriage and yearning to be with his son, Aditya who is with his ex wife. Slowly and steadily the two get over their pride and correct their prejudices to find love and companion. Seeing that Shagun is not taking proper care of Aditya, Ishita decided to fight for Aditya's custody and with all Raman's and her efforts they get his custody. Ashok still continued to play cheap tricks but they didn't work well and the Bhalla family is staying happily, but no, there comes a twist. Aditya and Ruhi go to meet Shagun in her apartment and the gas nobs were on and there was a blast and both the kids were in danger, Shagun being there didn't go inside the house which was in fire but Ishita arrived as soon as she got to know that her kids are in danger, and Ishita jumps into the fire to save Aditya and that's where you can see that a mother's love is not only strong when she gives birth to the child but it is strong because of the love and bond they share. That's the time when Shagun realises that Ishita is a perfect mother for her children and will take care of them better than she can. Shagun suddenly disappears…show more content…
And is saturated with overdressed women and sermons on sindoor. Though it has minor blemishes, the show portrays the story of a modern urban families in India where conventional norms are slowly giving way to pragmatic acceptance. It has managed to to find freshness and shows the issues which are faced by many of us at some point. And how it shows the love between the two families who share a totally different culture and of a mother towards her children, the bond of husband and wife. And somewhere it shows us the meaning of a family with a lot of drama and entertainment. It may be worth 21 minutes of your
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