Themes In Frost's Home Burial, By Robert Frost

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In our Intro to Poetry Unit a theme is discussed to be “A declarative sentence or two that states an insight gained by the reader of the work of imaginative literature regarding what it means to be human or insight into the human condition” the piece Home Burial by Robert Frost provided for me in particular, many thoughts as to the diverse themes this poem has. The first theme that resonated with me was power. As a couple struggles through this painful conversation they are also besieged for power. While they quarrel over the death of their child, they are also fighting for power over the conversation and ultimately the control in their relationship. “What is it you see from up there always—for I want to know”. “From up there always” insinuates that he holds the power as he is always above her but in the middle of the poem she attempts to turn the tables and hold her own. Grief is also a theme I recognized in this poem. It is the root of their communication problems as it is obvious that they handle their grief differently. The woman seems to be virtually inconsolable while the man has no hesitation to continue with his day to day life. Throughout the poem, you can see the ways that she gets hurt by his absence of grief, and how he doesn't comprehend, and is upset by her extreme sadness. It is clear her feelings about his lack of emotion in these words, “You can’t because you don't know how to speak. If you had any feelings, you that dug with your own hand—how could you?
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