Themes In Leo Tolstoy's War And Peace

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War and Peace
Leo Tolstoy
TOLSTOY, L. (2017). WAR AND PEACE. S.l.: OXFORD UNIV PRESS. War and Peace was written by Leo Tolstoy in 1867, about sixty-two years after War and Peace took place. War and Peace gives a detailed background to how Russian society was during Napoleon’s invasion. Throughout this book, Tolstoy gives examples of how class and social importance can drop quickly and majorly devastating in Moscow. But while in St. Petersburg dropping a social class was not as devastating, but still was still talked about in the everyday life of a peasant. Many themes and ideas are represented in War and Peace. Family was also well represented in Tolstoy’s book, War and Peace. In Tolstoy’s eye family is written with a harsh reality and devastating truth. Throughout the book, each family has its own problems, happy moments, deaths, marriages, and many other things. For example, the Rostov family had many ups and downs. In volume 2, Count and Countess Rostov demanded their son, Pierre Rostov to marry a rich girl to save his family from bankruptcy.
In 1805, the Russian Royals have thrown a
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Some of the most well known geological features consists of Caucasus Mountains, Volga river, and the Siberian Tundra. Since Russia has a diverse land features, this leads to diverse temperatures, ranging from -38°C (-25.6 F), 22°C (71.6 F).
Tolstoy gave many examples of hardships of war but also the many good things that happen because of war. But also gave insight into the peace that comes with war. The majority of War and Peace focuses on the hard facts of military, families, and history all into his book. Tolstoy did not want to have the focus of this book to be of the most well known historical figures like Napoleon or Alexander the First, but to focus on the parts of Napoleon’s invasion that weren’t hardly talked about or made into the history
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