Themes In Monty Python

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Monty Python essay Medieval literature has been involved in the school classroom for a very long time. Medieval literature is very important and even though itś old it offers many interesting stories and life lessons. There are many medieval literature works- Beowulf, the author tales, and more. The film of Monty Python and the holy grail combines all the medieval literature and satirises them all. The Monty Python film mocks and satirizes a lot of the important themes in the medieval literature. Among the many themes it satirizes, the theme of Chivalric Code and Knightly Behavior is the most prevalent. Many themes are repeated over and over again and it is easy to draw conclusions from what we read in class to the movie. Through this…show more content…
All the characters have to go into a cave, but a bunnie is guarding it. A knight walks up to the bunnie to fight it and it bites his head off. Then king Arthur hm self and other knights all fight the bunnie all at once. But it beats all of them up and they have to run away screaming. Knights aren't supposed to lose and certainly aren't supposed to run away. The Art of Courtly Love & Role/Responsibility of Women was also satirized in the movie. In the movie, lancelot thinks thereś a damsel in distress. He finds the castle and decides to save her. When he enters the castle he kills everyone. The way they do it in the movies though is so over the top and ridiculous itś funny. When he gets to the top of the tower he opened the door and thereś a guy in side. Heś confused about why thereś a guy there and no lady. It turns out the guy didn't want to be married and need saving. Monty python is making fun of how every story about knights has to have a helpless woman in distress needing help form a knight. Of course Lancelot is upset and leaves. But people were mad at him because he killed so many people and they chased him out. Through the hour and thirty two minutes of Monty python and the holy grail movie many themes are introduced and satirized. The Chivalric Code and Knightly Behavior associated with knights is mocked throughout the whole movie. The movie pokes run at their bravery making them too brave, like with the
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