Themes In Number The Stars By Lois Lowry

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Number the Stars by Lois Lowry is a historical fiction chapter book told from the perspective of ten-year-old Annemarie Johansen. A year after Houghton Mifflin Books for Children published Number the Stars in 1989 Lois Lowry received a John Newbery Medal. Number the Stars is a short chapter book with only 158 pages. Themes that appear in the book are the difficulty of growing up, voyage and transformation, and bravery. The themes play into the purpose of the book. The book teaches readers about a dark time in history in an appropriate manner for younger readers. Number the Stars can be used as an introduction to the holocaust for younger students (fourth grade and up) in a way that will not scare them yet touches on some events that…show more content…
Ellen comes to live with the Johansens when the Nazis begin to crack down on the Jews. One night Nazi soldiers come during the night, Annemarie remembers at the last second to take off Ellen’s Star of David necklace. During the whole time the soldiers are at the Johansen’s Annemarie has the necklace clutched tightly in her hand. When the soldiers are gone and Annemarie unclutches her hand she notices that the necklace left an imprint on her hand. This scene can be looked at as symbolism for the impact that Ellen’s family had on the Johansens, they will forever be in there memory because they have impacted their lives forever. The next day Annemarie overhears her father talking on the phone about what days are best for fishing and bringing cigarettes. Annemarie is confused because she is certain there are no more cigars left in the store. Little does she know, that the less she knows about the truth, the easier for her to be brave. For Ellen’s safety Annemarie, her sister, and her mother make a trip to see their Uncle Henrik. Annemarie learns that there has been a death in the family so there will be a funeral. Annemarie does not believe what she is told, she learns the truth that the Jews will be sent on a boat to Sweden for safety. The funeral is a cover-up for why there will be so many people at the house.
In chapters nine through twelve Annemarie prepares to say goodbye to her best friend Ellen. When Ellen leaves the possibility that the two girls will ever see

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