Themes In Ransom Of Red Chief And Home Alone

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Themes in stories and movies are the lessons you learn in it. The theme in Ransom of Red Chief and Home Alone is looks can be deceiving. In the Ransom of Red Chief “this kid was a freckled-faced boy of ten with freckles that stood out. His hair was the color of a cover of the magazine you buy at the newsstand when you want to catch a train.” But after they got the boy back the realized that he wasn’t a very mannered boy. “He points a stick at me when I come up and says, “Ha, damned, paleface!” In Home Alone Kevin was a boy that everyone in the house that everyone picked on, the one that was always left out. Then after the parents left Kevin home alone he was a child with a very big imagination to be able to protect his home. With Ransom…show more content…
In the other he had a sharp knife we used from slicing bacon. He was trying very hard and with great realism to scalp Bill. That was the sentence that Bill was givin the evening before.” For the movie my evidence where he is mouthy is where his mom told him to go to the extra room in the attic, Kevin tells his mom he doesn’t want to see or have a family again. Criminals in the Ransom of Red Chief is the two con-men, they kidnapped Red Chief and told the father if he don’t pay them the money or the son may hurt or harmd. In the text it states “We demand fifteen hundred dollars in large bills… If you pay the money as demanded he will be returned to you safe and well within three hours. These terms are final. If you do not agree to them, we won’t try to reach you again. Criminals in the movie Home Alone are the two robbers and one pretends to be a cop to scoop out the house then when the family leaves for Paris they try to rob the house. Both criminals have same traits because they are both trying to get some what a form of money out of it. In the movie and the passage they both have similar traits. In the movie Marv and Harry are both trying to rob the family for money and what they have. In the movie Harry was pretends to be a police officer to look at the house also to see when the family was leaving for Paris. Toward the

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