Themes In The Alchemist

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In the novel The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, the protagonist is a young shepherd named Santiago who longs to travel the world. He has a recurring dream about treasure in Egypt and goes on a prolonged journey in search of it. His treasure ends up being right where he begins, but it is evident that his voyage is essential to finding it because he learns crucial lessons about the world along his adventures. People that Santiago meets along his adventure help him and teach him about love and the Soul of the World. They encourage him to follow his Personal Legend and to never give up on it. Spain, the desert, the oasis, and other locations that Santiago must travel through produce complications that he has never dealt with before. Santiago must conquer his fear and overcome obstacles that are thrown at him. Coelho uses plot devices such as characters and settings to enhance the themes of love, fear, and Personal Legend and make The Alchemist a successful novel.
The profound themes of love, Personal Legend, and the Soul of the World presented throughout The Alchemist render it an auspicious novel because of their meaning and depth. Santiago learns about his Personal Legend, love, fear and the Soul of the World along his journey and becomes a much more knowledgeable individual. Santiago learns the importance of following his Personal Legend and listening to his heart through the alchemist and his feats in the oasis and the desert. He learns about how fear must be overcome, and
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