Themes In The Outsiders

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The Outsiders is full of many different themes. S.E. Hinton has found a way to put a theme in The Outsiders for everyone to find that they can relate to. Not everyone can relate to the same the same theme, everyone will find one that specifically fits for them and what is going on in their life. In The Outsiders it is very noticeable that society will always classify you, and violence will never make any situation better. Hinton has found a way to put these throughout the whole entire story to hint at the readers how important these topics are. The Outsiders help to prove that society will always classify you, put you into groups, and make assumptions about you. It will find away to make you seem like a star, but it will also find a way to push you to the ground and make a fool out of yourself. This is shown throughout the entire story, and makes itself known very well. In the story Cherry tells Ponyboy not to take offence if she did not say hello to him in the hallways at school. Since Cherry was a Soc she could not be seen with, or spend time with Ponyboy just because he was a Greaser. Society puts you in a group, in this case a Soc or a Greaser, that you can only be one of them and hang with that group otherwise you seem out of place or you do not belong. Society tells you that just because you are in one certain group, you will not fit in or like being with another group or to be with other people. In chapter 3 Ponyboy states “It ain’t fair!” “It ain’t fair that we have

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