Themes InMending Wall, By Robert Frost

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He only says, “Good fences make good neighbors.” (Frost 27). What good neighbor says that? What makes that statement true? This ironic statement grabs the attention of many young readers. In (Mending Wall) by Robert Frost, two neighbors, every spring must go to the stone wall that separates them from each other. (The Interlopers) by Saki is about two rivals for decades who get trapped together, and then something remarkable and ironic happens, that changes what they think about each other. Frost writes how the two neighbors are building the wall back up and the narrator wonders why they have a wall anyway. Saki writes how years of hatred towards each other dissolves. Saki and Frost uses irony and characterization to convey a theme of relationships because relationships can change between two people, but only if both ends wants to change it. In (The Interlopers) Ulrich and his rival, Georg, trapped under a fallen tree together, and Ulrich used irony to make the most out of the situation, by offering Georg a drink. When Ulrich first entered his part of the forest, he had the intention of killing something.. or someone. Saki wrote, “ Ulrich von Gradwitz patrolled the dark forest in quest of a human enemy” (Saki 82). The author wrote, “human enemy” which is very strong wording for someone who is hated, which could mean that something big happened between the two which made the situation worse. However, the reader does not know what happened therefore, what happens next is up to
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