Themes Of 20 000 Leagues Under The Sea

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Morgan Corbitt
Mrs. Wilson
Pre-ap classic novel essay
October 12, 2017
20,000 leagues under the sea
“20,000 leagues under the sea”, by Jules Verne, is about how Professor aronnax goes on a sea journey to find a giant sea monster. In their journey Professor Aronnax and his friends find that the sea monster is actually a giant steel submarine. Professor Aronnax and his friends are held hostage by Captain Nemo in the Nautilus. Nemo decides to let them explore the depths of the sea with him, and his crew. Aronnax discovers Nemo is crazy, and finds a way to escape, but once the escape, the Nautilus is unseen. The theme of 20,00 leagues under the sea is, exploration is good, but it has downsides. The theme is developed through the setting, the conflicts, and the resolution.

The setting is a big part in developing the theme. The setting is the depths of the ocean in a huge submarine that you have to stay in the rest of your life. In the text it says, “{Nemo says,} You will remain on board my ship forever as free men. You will have the freedom to walk about , to look, and even examine everything that goes on here. You may do all this since you will never have the chance to tell what you have seen to another living soul.” {Professor Aronnax said,} “But Monsieur,” I cried, “you can’t possibly expect us to give up our families , our friends, or our country forever” (50). This helps develop the theme because, It shows that the setting (the Nautilus) Is helping them explore the ocean,
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