Themes Of Amigo Brothers

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In the story, Amigo Brothers, shows how two friends can go through something like a fight and still be the best of friends. In the story Antonio and Felix have been lifelong best friends and both enjoy boxing. They are two of the best boxers in their club and only one of them can go participate in the Golden Glove tournament. To settle who goes they are told that they are to face each other. The two best friends continue on training with each other until they one of them decided that it is best for them to split until after the fight so nothing would happen to their friendship. Both of them agreed not to hold back on the fight so it would be a fair match. They both had their own ways of mentally and physically preparing themselves for the…show more content…
After Antonio and Felix split up they both had very interesting ways of dealing with their separation and preparing for their fight. “The flick was The Champion with Kirk Douglas, the third time Felix was seeing it….Felix became the champ and Antonio the challenger.”(Thomas) Felix was picturing the fight as a movie instead of two friends going against each other. When doing this he became prepared for the fight without worry. Antonio also had a way of dealing with the separation. “Antonio was passing some heavy time on his rooftop. How would the fight tomorrow affect his relationship with Felix? After all, fighting was like any other profession. Friendship had nothing to do with it.”(Thomas) It proves how Antonio is willing to put their friendship aside, so they can have a fair fight. Antonio wants to stay friends with Felix so, he pretends not to be friends with him during the fight. In the end of the story the Amigo brothers are going through their final hours before their fight and are still friendly to one another. For example in the story it says, “Antonio thought he caught a glimpse of Felix waving to him from a room at the far end of the corridor. He waved back just in case it had been him.”(Thomas 10) This shows how even though they were to fight each other in just a few minutes they were still friendly with each other. The final example

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