Themes Of Freedom Writers

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The film Freedom Writers, directed by Richard LaGravenese and the short story On the Sidewalk Bleeding by Evan Hunter, both have a similar theme of Identity and gangs. Freedom Writers is a film about a newly beginning teacher who starts her career teaching at risk teenagers living in a racially divided community. The kids slowly put faith into Mrs Gruell and Mrs Gruell brings them hope for their future. This film targets an audience whom may be experiencing a divided community or who may be involved in gangs themselves. On the Sidewalk Bleeding is a short story about a teenager named Andy who is attacked by a rival gang member and left to bleed out on the sidewalk. This short story may have an audience of teenagers who are also involved in gangs or groups. The purpose of both of these stories is to inform the audience of how many teenagers are living in dangerous, divided and discriminated areas. LaGravenese uses close up camera angles and sound and music to convey the themes of identity and gangs, whereas Hunter uses characterisation change and symbolism to express these themes.
Both Hunter and LaGravenese have a similar theme of Identity although each story uses different techniques to display this theme. LaGravenese used close up camera angles to focus the audience’s attention to the characters emotions and therefore showing their identity of who they are as a person. As Eva, one of Mrs Gruells students says “White people always wanting their respect like they deserve it
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