Themes Of Good And Evil In Dracula

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they can to save Lucy, she dies. They soon realize that she is not dead but in fact a vampire. They break into her tomb, stab her in the heart, cut off her head and make sure she stays dead so she can't harm anyone else. In the last few chapters on the book, Mina finally hears from Jonathan and goes to get him. They decided to get married at the hospital he was recovering at and headed back to England. The men decided to kill Count for good. While They are out hunting for him, Mina has to stay back at the hospital free from danger. Dracula eventually finds her way to Mina and starts drinking her blood. The men come back just in time to see Mina being forced to drink some of Counts own blood. Count escapes and now time is really valuable to save Mina before she turns into a vampire. They go in this long, crazy hunt back to Transylvania where they end up catching him and killing Count for good. Quincy was stabbed in the final fight and dies but Mina is saved and everyone lives on going back to there everyday lives. I talked a little bit earlier about the four major gothic themes and the one I am going to focus on is good vs evil. We can tell evil is being presented all through this book and by the way Jonathan describes his environment. He talks about is being cold, empty and you can tell he is questionable by what is going on around him. He writes,“Do you not think that there are things which you cannot understand, and yet which are; that some people see things that
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