Themes Of ' Hidden Figures Directed By Theodore Melfi

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The 2016 historical / drama film, Hidden Figures directed by Theodore Melfi explores the themes of racism and sexism in America during the 1960’s. These themes expresses Theodore Melfi’s intention of this film is displaying that sexism and racism is hard to abolish. Melfi uses visual and verbal features of dialogue, costume and symbolism to contribute to the director’s intention. A verbal feature Melfi uses to show the themes of sexism and racism is dialogue. This use of this verbal feature helps establish Theodore Melfi’s true intention for this film that sexism and racism is hard to abolish. For example, when Katherine Johnson expresses her frustrations to her boss Mr. Harrison by saying; “Lord knows you don’t pay the coloured enough to…show more content…
A visual feature Melfi uses to show the his intention for the film is costume, this helps highlights the themes of racism and sexism. For example in the film the white men wear white tops and a tie, this shows that these men uphold a status of that they are knowledgeable. Meanwhile the white women wear a dress or a twin set, heels and pearls. These costumes displays the sexism during that time period as men and women are expected to wear those types of clothing. I believe this is still a factor in today’s society for instance girls in schools have to wear skirts or dresses and boys have to wear either shorts or pants. The girls uniform restricts movement and increases the chances of hypothermia. I believe that girls should be focused on their education instead of concerning about their modesty in these expected uniforms. Women’s clothing, from skirts to heels, was designed to restrict women’s movement, whereas men’s clothing is all about freedom. The effect of the use of costumes is that it shows that sexism is still present in today’s society as that it restricts freedom and expressing or identifying who you are as a person. The costumes also identifies the theme of racism as the African American women could not afford to own pearls. For example when the N.A.S.A workers lined up to meet the potential astronauts, the males, white females and African American women were segregated into different sections. The costumes made the racism and sexism obvious. Most of the
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