Themes Of Humanism And Ethnic Pride

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Chapter 1
1.) Humanism and ethnic pride are expressed in this chapter. Humanism is first seen through the gods’ human like nature. For example rather than being, all knowing, sinless god, Zeus “was not omnipotent or omniscient [and] could be opposed or deceived.”(21) Additionally Zeus like people, experienced lust and was “falling in love with one woman after another and descending to all manner of tricks to hide his infidelity from his wives.”(21) Humanism is also expressed through the Gods physical appearance. Hamilton writes “The Greeks made their gods in their own image,”(10) which means that the Greeks made the gods look like them. Ethnic pride is the second key value expressed in this chapter. Sometime the Greeks see their cultural accomplishments as so excellent, that they assume that the gods must have many of the Greek qualities also. For example Apollo is often playing a Golden lyre, a Greek instrument. Also horses, a valuable animal in Greek culture, are seen all throughout mythology. Poseidon gave the first horse to men, Athena tamed horses for men, and Apollo rides horses across the sky.
2.) I can most relate to Hephaestus. I can relate to Hephaestus’ hardworking, peace-loving, fair and kind nature. Hephaestus’ nature is seen when he tries to settle a conflict between his mother, Hera and his father Zeus even though he understands that he may be punished for doing so. Similarly, because I have a fair nature and always trying to avoid conflict. I often find

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