Themes Of Love And Freedom In World Literature

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Love and freedom! Where do Love and Freedom show up in the same place? They come together as themes in World Literature. World Literature is the diverse variety of genres in books that have been spread worldwide and have become well known. It is important to know about these two themes to share and understand everyone's unique perspectives. The large collection of striking viewpoints creates many diverse and intriguing themes. Two of the biggest themes that can be found in books are Love and Freedom. The theme Love, has many different variations such as fake love, necessary love, lost love, and etc. Love is generally described as a feeling of affection towards someone or something. This can differ from book to book. Freedom is another…show more content…
The theme of Love fits into World Literature because of how it is shown throughout all different types of books. Another theme that is in World Literature is Freedom. This theme comes up in both “Night” and “A Doll’s House” in different ways. In “Night”, Eliezer is rescued from the malicious Germans by American forces. This is called literal freedom, because Eliezer is freed from the main struggle physically, but will never be able to recover/escape mentally. In the book, “A Doll’s House”, Nora is released from her “fake” marriage with Torvald since she is no longer treated like she is under him, let alone feel like she is trapped in a relationship with him. This is called emotional freedom, because she was originally trapped in the state of mind that she was only a household wife, until she was, finally, able to be free of that mind set. Each book helps depict how the theme, Freedom, fits into World Literature, even though many diverse books have the theme in a different way. “Old Yeller” by Fred Gibson shows the themes of Love and Freedom. Each book is different than one another, whether it is distinct, from the rest of the books, by storyline, genre, details, etc. Yet, in each book, Freedom and Love both come up. In “Old Yeller” the theme of Love is shown by how Travis, the protagonist, and Old Yeller care for and watch over each other. Love can be seen when Travis suspects that Old Yeller has rabies and has to kill his loyal
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