Themes Of Night By Elie

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Emerging Ideas are events, images or particular words that reoccur in the novel. Explain the instance. Explore your ideas of why the author may bring this idea up again and again. Include a quote (with a page number) for these ideas you find. You should have at least FIVE.

1. In the beginning of the novel, the Jews of Sighet are hopeful that everything will be alright. Elie describes pieces of encouraging news he heard about the war: “Splendid news from the Russian Front. There could no longer be any doubt: Germany would be defeated. It was only a matter of time, months or weeks, perhaps” (8). Later, Elie and his father must keep their hope or they will be taken by death. Hope is an important element of survival for everyone going through the horrors of the war. Without it, there would be nothing but despair and death.
2. Faith in God is the corner stone of their Jewish religion. It connects all of them in the concentration camps and keeps them hoping that they will be liberated. It is present in every part of the novel because of its importance to the Jewish people. Elie describes the gathering of men to sing familiar melodies: “Evenings, as we lay on our cots, we sometimes tried to sing a few Hasidic melodies. Akiba Drumer would break our hearts with his deep, grave voice” (45). They are brought together during their suffering by their faith.
3. Many times throughout the novel, Elie must decide whether to be controlled by hunger or by fear. Most times, “Fear was
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