Themes Of Penelope 's Heroism

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Themes of Penelope’s Heroism in The Penelopaid The Penelopaid is a novella which was written by author Margaret Atwood and published in 2005. It is a contemporary perspective narrated by Penelope, the wife of Odysseus and is an extension of Homer 's The Odyssey. In The Odyssey, the descriptions of the women and their lives is written from a masculine perspective, and does not relay the true depth of the female characters ' role, especially not Penelope. The Penelopaid however, tells the story from the perspective of Penelope deep within the dark halls of Hades. The Penelopaid highlights the disparities in freedom of movement, respect, thought and action between the lives of men and women in ancient Greece, but Atwood seems to indicate in The Penelopaid that the real hero in this epic is Penelope and not Odysseus. Penelope is a hero because she displays the main characteristics of a hero; she is noble and virtuous, loyal, intelligent, selfless and brave. This analysis centers on the concept that through her writing, Atwood may have, intentionally or inadvertently, allowed the reader to understand that it is Penelope who is the hero of the Odyssey and not Odysseus. Actually he highlights the characteristics of true women and then make her a real hero. Whatever he present its marvelous. Penelope’s Heroism in The Penelopaid Penelope in The Odyssey is elusive, her feelings are related as solid and clear and her emotions are fraught with worry over the fate of her husband, his

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