Themes Of The American Dream In The Great Gatsby

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The American Dream can exist through almost anything, including the disbandment of love. The Great Gatsby written by F. Scott Fitzgerald displays the concept of the American Dream through modern Love. In the novel Fitzgerald creates a main portion of characters, Gatsby, Daisy, Nick, and Tom to act as the symbols of this American Dream. Throughout the story Fitzgerald gives his readers a taste of what the chase of an American Dream is mainly seen as, which in the end did not become successful. Fitzgerald reveals the dream that most Americans strive for and that was through prosperity, love, and destruction. The life of most of the people in the Great Gatsby is most known to be prosperous. All of these people live in huge houses some ride…show more content…
The author then shows that Tom already has prosperity in the direction of wealth, but it seems Tom wants something else added to his prosperity of his life which was more out of his wife Daisy. It had seemed that she was missing something because had an Affair with another women. Fitzgerald gives off a perception of Daisy American Dream in terms of prosperity already met because she was the typical rich wife during that time. But Daisy herself knew that her prosperity was only going to start when she is with Gatsby. This is because Daisy was actually married into Tom's American Dream, not her own. The author also displayed Nick’s American Dream of trying to figure out what Gatsby was all about because this is what Fitzgerald made Nick focus on the whole time as be tell the story. So it looks like they have their American Dream, but not the real thing they want. One of the boldest concepts that Fitzgerald used for the display of the American Dream was love. There were feelings flying all over the place, the word love in this story had so many meanings behind it, this word would nearly fracture a character in the story. As the author uses Nick to see and explain what is going on in the process, love is what caught his eye heavy. Of course there were a couple of affairs which stood off of love. For example one of that main love couples in this story, was Daisy and Gatsby connection. These two were previous lovers in the past until they separated, and Daisy ends up
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