Themes Of The Madsaddam Trilogy

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This paper examines Margaret Atwood’s dystopian fiction, the “MaddAddam trilogy” as a work of eco-fiction. Atwood is a Canadian novelist and her novels are well known for their thought-provoking content and she also expresses her strong views on environmental issues in most of her novels. The funny, cruel and profound “MaddAddam trilogy” is Atwood’s most prominent work, which focusses on the current trends, and extrapolates them to explore the future. The paper further examines the themes and aspects of eco-fiction that are present in the novels : ecological crisis, out-of-control scientific innovations and environmental degradation. I consider the theme of ecological catastrophe and environmental degradation in the trilogy to be inspired by current…show more content…
The “MaddAddam trilogy” is one such work, which is a post-apocalyptic fiction, a subgenre of eco-fiction. The novels involve attempts to prevent an apocalypse event, and it deals with the impact and consequences of the event itself. She won the Orion Book Award for her speculative series “MaddAddam trilogy”. She is also known as a climate change author, as he calls climate change the “everything change”. Global warming occurs prominently in her trilogy. She hopes through her writings to create awareness on the impending environmental apocalypse. Atwood’s trilogy is all about ecological holocaust, and it is not only the result of ecological collapse caused by human activities but rather the consequence of the out-of-control scientific innovations. One obvious thing about the trilogy is, it portrays the current environmental situations of the world. The trilogy clearly implies that environment is in a terrible condition, and although an environmental apocalypse is not imminent, we are definitely headed down that road. All the three novels in the trilogy deals with the significance of the ecosystem and the scrupulously precise way of handling the

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