Themes Of The Modernist Theme Of Modernism By Wilk Christopher

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In this essay I am going to talk about one theme of Modernist, looking at the different views of designers in two different books which are ‘Form Follows Function’ by Susan Lambert from 1993 and the second book is Modernism by Wilk Christopher.

The Modernist theme I had choose is ‘Form Follows Function’. Form follows purpose, use is a sense of right connected with modernist buildings and structure design and to do with industry design in the 20th hundred. The general rule is that the form of a building or purpose should be primarily based upon its person one is going to be married to group event or purpose.

Louis Sullivan is American architect that have interesting theory about form follows function. Louis’ theory on the idea of relationship
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In this I was looking at the chapter “Sitting on the Air”. In this chapter they talking about the structure and the function of the chairs. The designers in this chapter were using a simple shapes and abstract to design their designs. On of the designer that was mentel in the chapter was Charles-Edouard Jeanneret (Le Corbusier). He was a Swiss-French designer, painter and architect and also a writer. Unornamented form of which derived from it is rigorously organization manufacturing process . After World War II, engineers like Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or Le Corbusier connected coordinating structure and capacity in a uniquely austere manner, which is alluded to as pioneer design. For instance, Mies van der Rohe's "skin and bone" idea underscored open and straightforward surfaces that would influence the working to seem insignificant and weightless. He likewise shunned any enrichment that would glue the natural tastefulness of the utilized fundamental materials. "Toning it down would be ideal" was Mies van der Rohe's…show more content…
For example the form of the chair is also a decoration and is adding interesting look. The way the sitting angle is made is good like the length of the seat, the arms of the chair are also a perfect shape and height for the structure of our bodies. The back of the chair is solid and long as it is important for human body. Human body is divides its weight over a seat and the back seat. The structure of the chair was designed to have the function and cinfitavke of the chair using only simple geometric shapes. The method of Louis and Gerrit are quite similar as they both were the structure of their design as a decorations too. They both not just wanted to have good functional designs but also make the design interesting in some way. Gerrit Rietveld’s chair, also have the organic shape as Louis Sullivan was talking about in his essay about form follows function. Louis Sullivan, "shape ever takes after capacity" this fundamentally implies the capacity ought to dependably move toward becoming before the outline (frame). For example on the off chance that I would outline a seat I would first ensure it fits its capacity (ease of use) and after that begin including style without intruding on its fundamental capacity. This conflicted with planning something that is stylishly satisfying and not serving its essential
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