Themes Of The Play ' Two Trains Running '

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“The themes of the play are Two Trains Running is a political play that makes extended reference to the black power movement and its impact on poor urban communities like the Hill District of Pittsburgh. The issue of continued white oppression of African Americans and the response of the black community during the 1960s is at the foreground of the characters ' experience. The community surrounding the restaurant is undergoing a major redevelopment, probably one which has been precipitated by the social initiatives that came in the wake of the civil rights movement. However, the legal rights and privileges that the African American community won during the 1950s and 1960s do not seem necessarily to extend to impoverished city-dwellers. An underlying sense of tragedy and hopelessness pervades even short-term victories such as the city awarding Memphis thirty-five thousand dollars, since Memphis remains estranged from his wife and has the foreboding..”
The set: The set looks pretty unique and legit. It seems like a real diner. You have actual table booths, a small counter, a kitchen in the back. They also had dinnerware and coffee at the diner. Even though it is highly possible the cups were empty it 's amazing how the all the additions they made made the diner stand out. During the play the characters as they mentioned after the play that each of them had their own table they owned in the way each of them came in and sat where they usually sit.
The costumes seem like normal
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