Themes Of The Princess Bride And Diablo 3 And Billy Budd

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In literature, there are many written works which have themes that intermix with one another. While literature contains many themes, this does not mean that other works do not contain the same ideas as presented in written works. In the three stories of “The Princess Bride”, “Diablo 3” and “Billy Budd” Violence and Quests can be seen largely throughout each tale. Violence, while still having the tradition sense of the word, does not always mean fighting someone or physical attacks. Violence thematically is the display of aggressive actions verbally, physically, or even aggression leading to a goal. The other overarching theme in these stories is that of a Quest. Any self-realizing adventure where the protagonist realizes is considered a quest thematically as well as a large set goal for as seen within the story. The main themes of “The Princess Bride”, “Diablo 3” and “Billy Budd” are Quests as well as Violence which show a deep connection on a thematic level.
In “The Princess Bride” by William Goldman the story starts both as an explanation of the story’s origin as well as where the story should go. Even in this prolog to the story a quest is outlined. “And I realized that I had let control of it go. . . They could change anything they wanted. So I did something of which I am genuinely proud. I bought the book back from the studio, with my own money” (Goldman xxxv). Even before the story begins a quest was set before the reader. The quest of a man to have the book he loved

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