Themes Of The Red Queen

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The book I chose was the Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. The Red Queen falls under the Young Adult Fiction genre. The Red Queen takes place in a country called Norta. Norta has always been a divided country, divided by the color of people's blood. The two types of people are the Reds and the Silvers. The reds are the peasants, as they do not have any special abilities like the Silvers do. There are many Red Villages scattered all over Norta, but the main character, Mare Barrow, lives in a town by the river named The Stilts. It is called this because the whole town in held up by stilts that keep it above the water. The Silvers all live in beautiful; mansions that scatter the edges of the red villages and the hillsides. However, the highest…show more content…
Her father built her house before she was born and she adored the memories that had been made. She is now 17 years old and without an apprenticeship, may be sent off to fight the war with the Lakelanders, just like her brothers and father. She is strong, intelligent, stubborn, and unique in even more ways than she thought imaginable. She tries her best to provide for her family, but without a job, she results to stealing from the townspeople. She is swift with her movements, causing her to barely ever get caught. She has beautiful brown hair that falls gently over her shoulders, and a fire in her brown eyes that shows that she is determined. Her best friend is a boy named Kilorn, who she has grown up with and would do anything for. She has 4 siblings, 1 little sister, Giza, and her 3 brothers, Bree, Tramy, and Shade. Mare has the best relationship with Shade, as they have a lot in common. She has always felt that she stands in Giza’s shadow and that she is worthless. Giza is successful and kind and makes her parents proud, while Mare believes there is nothing special about herself and that she disappoints her parents. However, Mare soon finds out that she is more special than anyone else. She has lightning running through her red blood and has the ability to create and control electricity. THe rumor soon spreads across Norta, earning her the nickname, The Lightning Girl. This is when her life changed and she knew it would never be normal
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