Themes Of ' The Taming Of The Shrew '

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Themes in The Taming Of The Shrew “How and why the themes have changed over time from Shakespeare’s time to modern day themes.” Themes shown: Love, social roles and societies expectations and deception. The text “The Taming of The Shrew” and “Ten Things I Hate About You” share a variety of different themes, ranging from love to deception and money. The themes within both stories have shown how society has evolved with its values with things like money and power. Men during the Shakespearian times were shown to care a lot about the money that they would inherit from their wife when they were to marry. Today, money is shared between couples that have married. Within the original text, written by William Shakespeare, it depicts a woman so shrew-like that no one will ‘tame’ her. The prize within the play that everyone is fighting for supremacy for is Bianca, Katharina’s younger sister. Their father, Baptista has ruled that Bianca is not to wed until Katharina does. From this, two men set up a deal to make a man by the name of Petruchio marry Katarina in order to have her darling sister, Bianca. The first theme to be discussed within this text is love. Within both the movie and text, love is a major theme as it involves many of the main characters fighting for the love of Katarina and Bianca. Within the text, Petruchio is a young gentleman from Verona who has come to seek love and wealth. Within the movie, Petruchio is replaced with Patrick Verona who isn’t everyone’s ‘cup
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