Themes Of The Twenties In The Great Gatsby

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The great Gatsby was regarded as a brilliant source of social commentary of the roaring twenties- a time period of wealth, excitement, and economic boom. Much like the characters and the settings of Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, the twenties are a time when people thought they had the American dream. Fitzgerald provides a superb source of commentary on society and the economic standpoint of America in the twenties, and for this reason, the reader can infer much about the book, from the period, and much about the period from the book. Through the writing of The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald social and economic themes of the twenties, incorporating them within the novel.

The Great Gatsby provides many examples of what society was like through
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Nick states, “ He didn’t know how extraordinary a nice girl could be. She vanished into her rich house. Into her rich, full life… he felt married to her ” (Fitzgerald 149). As Gatsby met Daisy, he was already hooked, while some readers would concur it was love at first sight, his love finds deeper meaning. As a poor boy who ran away to find his rendition, yet a common one, of the American dream, he instantly found Daisy, who, to him, was a gateway to the lifestyle he wished for. Gatsby’s obsession with Daisy lies entirely in his desire to climb the social ladder as fast as he can, to reach the American dream. A common subtheme to the American dream, is the move back East. In Fitzgerald’s words, he describes the twenties through the move back in direction, time, and success. All characters who find themselves moving back, find themselves getting close to the American dream, but always destroyed in the end, while the only successor in the story is Jordan, who represents much of the East coast culture in Fitzgerald’s eyes, liars and deceivers who survive off of the pain of the others. The others would especially reflect Gatsby and Nick, as well as the crowds of the 1920’s moving back East, to city’s such as Chicago and New York. Gatsby grew up as a midwestern, but his dream brings him to New York, where by the end of the book, he’s dead, crushed by the New York lifestyle, chewed and spat out. Nick ends the story

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