Themes in Destroying Avalon Essay

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Kate McCaffrey’s novel “Destroying Avalon” is a very revealing text that is highly recommended for parents and teenagers to read. This novel teaches teenagers and parents the consequences of bullying over the cyber world and how it affects not only the victim but also the loved ones and even the bully. This is displayed by McCaffrey’s interesting plot structure. “Destroying Avalon” draws the attention of teenagers as it has great use of suggestive and unique language techniques. The subject matter of “Destroying Avalon” is Bullying, in the form of Cyber Bullying. The themes conveyed in this text are the consequences of bullying and belonging. This helps the reader consider how bullying affects the victim and how belonging is…show more content…
After getting tormented continuously, it suddenly stops but Marshall - her best friend becomes the new target. The police gets involved after Avalon confesses to her parents about her suffering. Marshall decides to end his life surprisingly, which changes the whole story.The bullies are unknown but Avalon suspects it is Alice the popular girl, but in the end the person who is the bully is unforeseen. This captivating book has an unexpected ending due to the dramatic plot twist - death and not having the stereotypical bully. “When I was on that roller coaster....” suggests that the events taken place were very eyeopening and abrupt. Every parent and teenager should be compelled to read this text because of the thought-provoking plot structure.

Marshall and Sukey are two complex characters in this novel that assists readers to understand why people get bullied and why people choose to bully. The realistic characters McCaffrey has selected for this novel fits into today’s society and how people judge others by stereotyping them. Marshall is suspected to be a homosexual due to his feminism as he associates with girls. He isn’t the main character of the text but he changes the way other think about bullying after he decides to take his own life. He tends to be unsure of his own sexuality. “I can’t talk to Mum she’s so upset about Dad.” indicates that Marshall doesn’t communicate very much with his family as his parents are divorced. Marshall tends to

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