Essay Themes in "Night" by Elie Wiesel

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THemes 1.) Man’s inhumanity to man Removal of human looks that defined who they are * Same uniform * Cut hair to remove individuality. * “In a few seconds we had ceased to be men” 37 * “I became A-7713. From then on, I had no other name”42 The harshness of the camp quickly transformed them into selfish indifferent people * “I had not even blinked, only yesterday I would have dug my nails into the criminals flesh” 39 * “you’re killing your father”101 * “The old man mumbled something, groaned and died. Nobody cared” 101 * “I shall never forgive myself. Nor shall I forgive the world for having pushed me against the wall, for having turned me into a stranger, for having awakened in me the basest, most…show more content…
Without love or mercy. I was nothing but ashes now” 68 * “But as soon as he felt the first chinks in his faith, he lost all incentive to fight and opened the door to death” 77 * “I have more faith in Hitler than anybody else. He alone has kept his promises, all his promises to the Jewish people.” 81 * “ I suffer hell in my soul and in my flesh… how can anybody believe in this God of mercy” 3.) Kindness in adversity Helping each other out in times of need * Elie’s father made sure Elie didn’t “fall asleep forever” in the snow despite his exhaustion. Pg 88 * The French girl risked her life by saying to Elie in almost perfect German, “don’t cry. Keep your anger, your hate, for another day, for later. The day will come but not now… wait. Clench your teeth and wait” * “Elie even gave his dying father extra rations, despite being told to “stop giving your ration of bread and soup too your old father... in fact you should be getting his rations.” * Working through the struggles together see father son relationships Elie and father * “No. You’re eighteen… Not fifty. You’re forty. Dou you hear?
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