Themes in "The Beauty Queen of Leenane" Essay

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THEMES IN MARTIN MCDONAGH’S PLAY : THE BEAUTY QUUEN OFLEENANE Isolation Maureen and Mag are isolated because of their physical location and their relationship with each other. Maureen dreams of being free of her mother’s house and small town life in Leenane. She blames her mother and her sisters for her circumstances; however, she is faced with the hard truth that men don’t come to call. Farming towns like Leenane were previously communities built on supporting each other, but over time families grew more isolated from one and other, leaving people like Mag and Maureen without the help of friendly neighbours. According to one ciritic; Leenane is not a place to live, it is a place to leave. As the suicidal priest of the parish,…show more content…
I mean, there never will be good work, but hypothetically, I'm saying. Or even bad work. Any work. And when I'm over there in London and working in the rain and it's more or less cattle I am, and the young fellas cursing over cards and drunk and sick, and the oul digs over there, all pee-stained mattresses and nothing to do but watch the clock . .. when it's there I am, it's here I wish I was, of course. Who wouldn't? But when it's here I am ... it isn't there I want to be, of course not. But I know it isn't here I want to be either. (31) Pato's lament in this passage concerns regional and national exile, speaking indirectly to the sense of nomadism and diaspora which characterizes contemporary Ireland in an increasingly global world order. Because there is no work in Leenane, he has had to emigrate. In London, Pato has endured horrific working conditions, low pay, and disrespect-factors which ultimately force Pato to immigrate to America. His constant wish to return to Leenane while on the job in England signals a concomitant desire for a stable national identity. But this wish is not nostalgic, given Pato's admission that : when it's here I am ... I know it isn't here I want to be." Clearly, Pato recognizes the ways in which American and British influences have forever altered his homeland, how those influences continue to erode national oundaries and propagate a global world order Violence

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