Themes in The Invisible Man by H.G Wells

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The Invisible Man has many possible themes. There are multiple examples of different themes in the novel. Most of them can almost fall under the same idea. The main theme for the novel is how excessive greed can have unintended consequences. The main character, Griffin, goes mad with the power of being invisible. It gets to the point that he is not even trying to just stay hidden anymore, he is just trying to cause as much mayhem in the country as possible. One of the first instances of greed is when he starts to take advantage of Mrs. Hall, the woman who owns the Coach & Horses Inn. Mrs. Hall mainly feels bad for him at first because she thinks he is very hurt or injured in some sort of way due to him wrapping his head up. Griffin keeps…show more content…
Soon all over the town burglaries start to occur. In the middle of the night the people who are being robbed can hear someone in their house, but when they search around there is no one to be found. So since the incident with Mr. Cuss and all these burglaries, the townspeople start to point fingers are Griffin. The Hall’s even send a person after Griffin to perform an exorcism thinking he is a witch or something that has to do with magic. After a while Griffin does not pay his bill at the inn for a few days, Mrs. Hall wants an explanation for it. He even tries to give her more money but she refuses it. Now earlier in the novel him paying for his rent with the money he stole was only real use for the money. Now that he cannot even give Mrs. Hall any more money, he has no use for the money he has stolen whatsoever. After she asks for an explanation, he removes all of his clothes to show how he invisible. Tons of people come to inn to see what is going on, soon a man comes to take him in for questioning about all of the burglaries that have been going on all around the town. Griffin becoming exposed to the entire town now has caused him to flee to the country or farm area. Once again he has been punished in a way for the things he has done. He definitely could have gone around having to leave the town. He got way to greedy and careless about his actions. The only way he is trying to fix his problems are by violence or just idiotic

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